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Sandals Ochi Beach Resort & Spa

Phil and I had an opportunity to visit Sandals Ochi Beach Resort & Spa and we had a great time.

Our room was fantastic. We were located in a concierge room in the Butler Village, with a semi-private pool and a beautiful view.


We did our best to make it to all of the restaurants on the property and we almost succeeded, but we were unable to secure reservations at Valentino’s and Kelly’s Dockside (I’ll take the fall for that one . . . I know I should have made reservations as soon as I was on property . . . note to self and also a note for future clients!)

All of the restaurants we made it to were delicious and we were able to find a bite to eat at all hours of the night. I usually don’t take photos of my meals, but this time I “had to” and Phil also had a request for a photo. The first photo is a BLT which was fried green tomato with pork belly and some other stuff . . . it was out of this world great! and of course the trip to Jamaica wouldn’t be complete without Curry Goat and Oxtails . . . I know I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

There was lots of time for just relaxing on the beach. I have lots of photos of Phil knocked out in his beach chair, but I think this one is my favorite. As my friend Kim would say  . . . “that beach sleep is some good stuff”. He was OUT!!!


We made it to the Rabbit Hole a couple of nights. We were able to catch a jazz band and a jazz singer. I am about to give away the location, but you still need the daily code to enter.

We also made it to Dunns River Falls this trip and we had a great time. I would highly recommend a trip to the Falls.